If you love cool, modern cars, then the new 2011 Passat is the car for you today. This is the new Volkswagen production that will not only capture the market, but will also capture the general interest of the great car lover. The car model is a huge improvement over other cars on the market and its specifications, as described in this article, far exceed anything anyone would expect. This is a car that is very exotic and at the same time luxurious and strong with the force of VW. Combine luxury with speed and there are features that will keep you glued to the wheel installed in this exceptional model from the Volkswagen Company. What, then, are the 2011 Passat specs to help you consider getting one today?

The 2011 VW Passat comes with 2 automatic gearbox facilities that set it apart from the others in the package. These two gearbox options are the 6 and 7 speed transmissions. This gives you exceptional speeds as desired by any user, even though the model is equipped with a standard front-wheel drive capability, but the user can also choose to use the 4-wheel drive option if the occasion calls for it. The 2011 Passat also features safety facilities such as ACC adaptive cruise control, dynamic light powers and lane assist, plus emergency brake functions, among other newly installed features such as the fatigue detection system, assistance parking lights, visual display for the parking pilot, a rear view camera for rear assistance and other great features like traffic sign detection systems.

VW Passat is a technological marvel that ranks seventh in the Volkswagen Company’s production model lines since its operation in 1973. This new 2011 Passat car comes in two sweet models, the saloon and the variant, and is proud to have both of them. The Easy Open option to open the trunk only requires the user to make a particular movement of the foot behind the trunk to open it. While the city emergency braking function in the Volkswagen Passat is the first to debut in any Volkswagen car model, it is used to detect parked vehicles and perform automatic stop functions that will either bring the car to a stop or reduce the impacts of driving. collision.

The fatigue detection system, which is a first on the 2011 Passat produced by VW, actually works by giving periodic warnings using beeps and sounds on the dash to warn the driver that they better get some rest from driving because the car it has been detected automatically. there is a behavioral change in your driving mode since you started this particular driving session.

Adaptive cruise control works by maintaining an average safe distance between the 2011 Passat and the previous car. When legally driving within speed limits, the car automatically measures the distance between itself and the one in front and with adaptive cruise control it maintains this distance constantly to avoid collisions unless the driver brakes to stop the vehicle. vehicle or slow down.

More than ever in any known vehicle, the amenities offered by the 2011 Passat can hardly be found in any other vehicle. The interior design is very exquisite and when one considers the wonderful materials with which they were made, one would be content to note that only in a Volkswagen model can such beauty and splendor be found. The dashboard and center console are so visually appealing and so pleasing to the touch that you’d be so in love just sitting in the front seats. I’d be so happy to sit back and gaze at the visual displays and other stylish effects on the dash because of the aesthetic modifications achieved in the design. The interiors of this saloon and its model variant are something any buyer would love to sit around inside and never want to go out again.

The engines in this new, high-tech 2011 Passat don’t make any noticeable noise at all. It is very quiet while driving and the driver himself would hardly hear the sounds due to the isolations that were made. The engines run so smoothly and perfectly, to the point where when you’re accelerating, you’d hardly know it from the sounds except by looking at the dashboard speedometer. People enjoy a car that does not make any noise and does not emit offensive fumes. Engines are made for eternity and if you happen to want to change a spare part, you will surely get it easily.

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