The secret to a custom landing page

Facebook is here to stay. And many companies are trying to use Facebook to generate leads as part of their Internet marketing plan.

So far they haven’t been so lucky. This is when we stumble upon custom Facebook landing pages and how it’s really a great way to generate leads and sales.

And just so you know, it’s actually a 3-step concept (I know, big surprise, right?). / p> Some of you may know what I’m already talking about; however, most companies really don’t.

So, let’s refresh for a moment. This is how today’s businesses use Facebook.

  1. They set up a Facebook page,
  2. Make some posts
  3. Tell your friends to “Like” them (this helps them gain a following before you start telling your business partners / customers about your efforts on Facebook).
  4. Then (once they have built their trust in Facebook) they tell their customers / business partners
  5. They do a few more posts

And all this work never really gets them anywhere. There is no data capture area or call to action (other than “Buy my product”).

Marketing with Facebook in 3 Easy Steps: Using a Custom Facebook Page in Your Internet Marketing Plan

At Markomm (an internet marketing company), we have helped some of our clients launch this particular campaign and have seen some really good results:

  • More traffic to your website
  • More clues come from this technique
  • Our clients are very happy

Here’s how this system works:

Step 1: Yes, you must establish a “Call to Action”. It is not surprising. However, you should make your call to action more of an “added value” to the consumer. For example, we work with several window treatment distributors. A high-value advertisement would be a “whitepaper” that someone could download. During the holidays, you could easily write a whitepaper on “5 Amazing Table Landscapes for Your Dinner.”

Step 2: Set up a form on your website that will ask for the consumer’s name and email (that’s really all you’ll need at this point … don’t let the form get out of hand).

Step 3:(This is where the magic happens) You develop a custom landing page on your Facebook website. And this is not just adding a tab or something small like that. You’re actually adding a graphic image that integrates your awesome call to action (which you established in step 1).

The image has a very strong call to action. It is very easy to identify what you (the company) would like the customer to do. And generate the desired result!

Many companies are using Facebook as a tool in their overall internet marketing plan. This process will help you see some very solid results from your Facebook campaigns.

And there is one last detail … ok, actually two.

Final detail n. 1: Make your Facebook welcome page your new personalized landing page. This means that anyone who has not liked you on Facebook will land on this particular page.

Final detail n. 2: Market – Send some bulk emails to your current group of customers and invite them to your Facebook page. Also, send a few emails from a list of prospects. You can also advertise PPC on Facebook on your custom Facebook page.

What you will find is that your list will grow, you will bring value to consumers, you will see some additional leads come in right away, and in the long run you will see a nice increase in sales just by implementing this little strategy.

Now obviously there are several minor steps in this three step process (i.e. write the email, identify the list, develop the chart, etc.) if you are interested in implementing this strategy as part of your internet marketing plan , call Jeff at 866-503-7673 or fill out the form on the Markomm website.

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