If you can dream it, you can find it and experience it in the exotic and fun island destination of Maui. The lush hiking trails in the wooded highlands or along the lower edges of the waterfalls will envelop you in the sweet scent of red ginger and plumeria. Your eyes will be dazzled by greens, yellows, bright oranges, and reds; colors you cannot reproduce on a printed page or even online. You just have to experience it! What is your pleasure? Surfing, hang gliding, fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, golf, whale watching, a swim in the ocean or in the clear pools of the waterfalls? Activities in Maui are tailored to suit every personality, budget, and adventure level.

Cruises, for dining, sailing, snorkeling or whale watching are the most popular activities that people pay for on the island. Also with good reason. The clear, placid waters that surround Maui are unmatched anywhere in the world.


Did you know that the entire island of Manhattan could easily fit inside Holeakala Crater? Not that we send it there, but what a prospect! For centuries, the 3 a.m. climb, in anticipation of sunrise, to the top of Holeakala Volcano has topped Maui’s list of activities as a must-do for visitors from around the world. Mark Twain called it “… the most sublime spectacle I have ever witnessed.” (Be sure to call 808-877-5111 for a weather report before you hit the road.)

The best camping on the island is located in the Haleakala National Park. With a maximum of three nights, you can mix it up with stays at one or more of the luxurious resorts on Maui’s beaches. Since 1946, the Hana Maui Hotel has maintained its reputation as an exclusive retreat. It is a short distance from Kaihalulu, the only volcanic red sand beach in the Pacific.

Snorkeling off the shores of Maui

If you love diving and are traveling with a diver friend, Maui offers great experiences that you can do together. Snorkeling cruises include dive spots where you can dive on the surface of the water, paddle gently with your fins, and be surrounded by colorful fish, coral, and marine life, as you watch divers explore the sea below.

Some of the best diving destinations on Maui are right in front of a beautiful hotel. When that’s the case, the hotel can cooperate with a dive shop to provide local snorkeling equipment and guides. Three of these destinations are Kapalua Beach, across from the Kapalua Bay Hotel, Napili Bay Beach, and Wailea Beach, across from the Four Seasons. Snorkeling is particularly good in the crystal clear waters near the lava rocks that make up Wailea and Kapalua Bays. Also popular for snorkeling adventures are the Mokapu and Ulna beaches in Wailea.

The hard-to-find snorkeling destinations

Black Rock on Kaanapali Beach is considered by locals to be the best snorkeling spot on the island. West Maui, a much loved protected marine life conservation district; is another must-see destination for avid Maui divers. Another not-so-known spot is the spot in Olowalu near mile marker 14; offers a snorkeling experience that you will not forget. But the best kept secret might be the destination to dive in the Ahihi Kinau Nature Reserve. Ahihi Bay is difficult to access, but it is worth it. This 2000 acre state nature reserve is a rich landscape of color and marine life.

I keep reading that the days of traveling for travel are over. Adventure travel is what we are all looking for right now. We want to go and experience first-hand the landscape and terrain of our travel destination. Maybe it’s because we all work so hard, we spend many hours in gray office buildings, looking at computer screens and printouts; some of us don’t even go out to explore our local beauty. So when we think of “vacations” now, we think of “extreme opportunities for fun and adventure.” Well, the activities and opportunities for snorkeling adventures on Maui will not disappoint. Happy travel my friend.

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