An Amazon cruise is the ultimate jungle adventure. From
the endless green carpet of treetops that make up the
rainforest to the exotic wildlife that inhabits the waters of
the mighty Amazon River, an Amazon cruise will reveal
an impressive ecosystem that is both captivating and
educational ..

If you’ve ever wanted to see pods of pink dolphins in your
natural habitat, or discover unique medicinal plants found
Nowhere else in the world, an Amazon cruise could be
the type of vacation you are looking for!

When choosing your Amazon cruise, you will find that
are presented with two different cruise options
holidays. If you are looking to tour the Amazon from the
comfort of a large luxury cruise ship, Amazon cruises
starting from the city of Manaus in the heart of the
The Amazon rainforest is ideal.

Manaus, at the confluence of the Negro and Amazon rivers
represents the furthest point upstream of that great cruise through the Amazon
ocean liners can venture. Here, the Amazon is 11 km wide and is
the main port from which many of the largest cruise ships sail.

The second option of cruising the Amazon offers travelers the
opportunity to explore the headwaters of the Amazon River in
Eastern Peru. Here, about 6,000 km west of the river
departure point to the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon
The ecosystem is more diverse.

The river is much narrower here, so Amazon cruises are
smaller, taking the form of river boats with the capacity not to
more than 50 or 60 passengers. The preferred port of departure and
The return on a cruise through the Amazon Peru is in the city of Iquitos.
Most of the passengers arrive in Iquitos by air on an internal flight from
Lima – the capital of Peru.

An unforgettable adventure, no matter where your Amazon cruise is
He turns away, what he will see and hear on the way will dazzle him,
entertain and often leave you speechless. Could you take a
shore excursion where you will meet a local shaman in a remote location
Amazonian village, or maybe you will go trekking in the jungle in a
quest to discover rare species of plants and animals.

From the cruise, the Amazon is also full of surprises! Conceived
coming face to face with the smallest monkey in the world while
hangs from a tree branch near his boat, or looking at the
mesmerizing display of a shimmering six foot Golden Dourada
one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world. It really does
for an unforgettable experience.

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