FileMaker is a cross-platform database and customer relationship application. It is being used by small business houses. FileMaker Inc. formerly known as Claris, which is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Applications developed on it can be used on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS servers.

FileMaker is primarily used in Mac-based business houses, but being a cross-platform application, it can also be used in Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is primarily used for database, inventory, and billing needs.

Most experts look to their future for small business houses as it provides database solutions for small businesses. However, studies have also revealed that FileMaker Pro is also used for large companies. It is preferred due to its cross-functional feature and its use on smartphones and iPad.

Why use FileMaker?

FileMaker Pro software helps developers design custom applications that work seamlessly on iPad, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone, Web, and Windows. Applications built in FileMaker help manage content, inventory, contacts, share customer information between devices, and more.

Current versions of FileMaker that are available are FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Server 15, FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, and FileMaker Go 15. Here are some of the benefits of FileMaker that make it a first choice for small businesses:

The future of FileMaker looks good, as companies consider it because the software is easy to learn and developers can also design custom applications.

The applications can work well with Windows and Macintosh and even on mobile platforms other than iOS. This helps employees share customer information with one hand.

Sharing the data with co-designers and developers becomes easier as the file opened on one system can share the data on other devices seamlessly. Data is captured and stored in one place.

FileMaker is considered the agile methodology that can be used for future mobile applications and viable strategies. As a version, FileMaker Go supports GPS, camera, barcode, video, and more.

Companies use FileMaker primarily for various business solutions such as sales management, inventory control, maintenance, product management, payment processing, and other business needs.

Business solutions with FileMaker

Many types of software are being created for use in industries that provide robust and hassle-free business solutions to work in the company. FileMaker is one of the bespoke solutions to provide the solutions to business complexities. These are some of the points that will help companies understand why solutions are made in FileMaker:

Data migration service

FileMaker Pro helps transfer the small amount of data as well as the big data that is present in the database. If the company wants to move the old database to a newer one, FileMaker is one of the best options.

Time required for installation

The time required to install licensed FileMaker on a large number of devices should be considered if the company does not use the Web Direct version of FileMaker Pro.

Hosted solution infrastructure

Most companies use FileMaker Pro as a hosted solution to share customer information seamlessly. Therefore, if the company is about to complete any work for the customer, the internet speed should be checked. Since most of them use Ethernet, that affects performance. For this, the solution is to host the server in the external database or Microsoft’s small business servers work fine too.

Useful for many industries

Most industries hope to use FileMaker, and some are satisfied with how it works. It is mainly used in educational institutions, healthcare industry, financial services, retail, government sector, small business, etc.


FileMaker has become a unique business solutions platform in recent years. The services provided by FileMaker Inc. will put an end to business woes. By using the FileMaker platform, businesses don’t have to obtain the SSL Certificate, manage their own servers, struggle with updates and upgrades, etc. FileMaker as a service will change the future, especially for small businesses.

At the present time, where SaaS offerings are increasing, the FileMaker platform with Go, Pro Advanced, Pro, and Server are going to play a larger role in providing industry solutions. Companies opt for FileMaker custom database development to be able to modify the relationships, manage the database security, add the tables, create the new databases, modify the relationships and will provide the developer-oriented platforms.

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