Are there any unique flavors of jerky subscription you offer?

Elevate your snacking experience and support small-town artisans with a jerky subscription box. You’ll be able to enjoy unique flavors you won’t find at your local supermarket and satisfy any beef jerky cravings you may have!

Imagine having philly cheesesteak jerky from Philadelphia or Vietnamese Pho flavored jerky from San Diego delivered right to your doorstep every month. It’s easy to customize and upgrade your subscription plan at any time.

Our Flavors

Our subscription box is a great gift idea for any jerky lover. We’ll send them a unique selection of delicious craft jerky based on their taste preferences. They’ll also receive coupons and access to subscriber pricing in our online shop. They can even skip a month or cancel at any time.

One of our most popular flavors, Hatch Green Chile is thick and dry with a bold mix of savory green chiles and a bright citrus bite. It’s perfect for anyone who loves bold, Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Jerky with herbs or teriyaki flavorings are often savory and have some sweetness, so they pair well with a light beer like a pale ale. For a more robust experience, try a glass of zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon alongside your jerky.

The sweet flavor in beef jerky is usually derived from brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses or honey. For a more tart flavor, we use sumac and tomato powder to create a distinct Middle Eastern twist. This flavor is the perfect complement to your favorite cocktail or a hearty brunch with friends.

Kippered Beef

The two-ounce strips are designed to satisfy the American craving for steak on-the-go. They are seasoned with Old Trapper’s signature blend of spices and brown sugar, then wood-fire smoked.

Kippered beef jerky is thicker than regular sliced meat jerky and has a more tender texture. Its rich flavors and hearty texture make it a favorite among jerky lovers. It can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for dips and spreads.

This subscription box is great for anyone looking to try new jerky brands and flavors. It comes with 10 different varieties of jerky each month.

Give your gift recipient a monthly supply of unique, high-quality jerky that they will love. It’s a gift that keeps giving long after they open it. Select a one-month or 3-month gift box at checkout to receive a different selection of unique jerky every month.


Teriyaki is a sweet marinade and sauce used to prepare meats, vegetables and tofu. It offers a balance of sweetness, umami and savory with hints of ginger and garlic. It works well as a marinade and can also be added to stir frys, noodles and salads.

It is an easy and tasty dish to make as it requires only soy sauce, sake or mirin (sweet wine), sugar and grated or thinly sliced ginger. When Westernized, it is often used to glaze foods like chicken, beef or fish before grilling and then served with rice.

Our teriyaki beef jerky is a great choice for anyone looking to add this delicious flavor to their diet. It is gluten free, organic and contains no high fructose corn syrup. This makes it the perfect jerky subscription for people on special diets and is an excellent gift for anyone who loves Asian flavors. Our teriyaki jerky is available in a 1 month, 3 months or 6 months prepaid subscription.


If you’re a fan of savory beef jerky, we offer many varieties that are sure to please. From mild and traditional to sizzling habanero and Carolina Reaper, you’ll find a flavor that is just right for you.

Keep your pantry, cupboards, glove box and pants pockets full of delicious artisan jerky. Our curated selection of handcrafted beef jerky is the perfect snack for road trips, hiking or just your day-to-day life.

We’re proud to support small-town artisan jerky makers that put their heart and soul into each batch. Each bag of their premium jerky tells a story of tradition, artistry and patriotism.

Treat yourself or gift a friend to our jerky subscription. Each package includes two bags of beef jerky (Ranch Cut) delivered to your door monthly. You can change your subscription or cancel anytime. Plus, enjoy subscriber pricing on shop orders.

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