Best Wedding Live Singers Singapore

A diverse band with many languages is the best option for your wedding. A multicultural band can perform songs in multiple languages and dialects. Some have even released albums and won national singing contests. A multilingual live singer can customize the set to the couple’s tastes. Here are some of the best wedding live singers in Singapore. They have a huge repertoire of popular music and can sing in many languages. Their price is based on the type of event they are performing for.

AGOPSG is one of the best Wedding Singers Singapore . Their versatile talents allow them to sing in different languages and genres. For example, they can sing in Korean. All of their acts have undergone a rigorous vetting process. Whether you’re looking for a local acoustic band or a band with international talent, Glittering Carousel has the right act for you.

Ariel Yumetori has a crystal-clear voice and a wide repertoire of songs. She brings sophistication and class to any wedding. She has studied under numerous mentors, including the legendary Billy Koh. She studied under the US-bred jazz virtuoso Richard Jackson. Her vocals have been compared to the voices of many world-class artists. She has worked with top artists such as Adele and Jennifer Hudson. Dreambiard Music offers premium sound systems to fit the venue.

Best live bands in Singapore – Best Wedding Live Singers Singapore

Sparkle Live Music consists of a pianist and two vocalists from Singapore. They specialize in Chinese pop songs and are the only Chinese live band in Singapore. Their arranger and pianist have over 10 years of experience in the music industry and can turn any song into beautiful music. Lead female vocalist Joelyn has a mellow voice, while lead male vocalist Shaun is versatile and expressive. Their performance is sure to please your guests.

Sparkle Live Music is another great option. This bilingual acoustic band has performed at hundreds of weddings since 2012. Ariel Yumetori on vocals and Ian Soh on piano have been providing live music services in Singapore for over 10 years. They offer a variety of song choices, from classical to modern pop. Having a bilingual wedding singer is a great way to include a wide variety of songs for your guests.

The band AGOPSG is a great choice for your wedding. The talented members of the band have over 500 weddings under their belt and have been praised by many for their professionalism. While you should check the quality of their music, you may also want to consider hiring a live singer who doubles as an emcee. This way, you can save money and have both singers perform at the same time.

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