I have had the honor and opportunity to be present with several deceased people, as well as in their lives. Last week, as I sought to calm and comfort a friend of mine whose husband is transitioning, I took some time to reflect on the similarities that I have observed over the years when people make their transitions and move on. The application, or focus, of your spirit from this life to another. Applied spirituality in action.

My first experience with death, close and personal, was my grandmother. She lived with us when I was little and she was not just a grandmother, but she looked a lot like another mother to me. He was born in 1900 and died in 1991. The last two years of his life were spent in a nursing facility because my mother and father simply could not provide the physical care that he needed. My grandmother was very sad about this; but Mom and Dad visited her at least once a day and often twice, and ate with her. The last year of his life, he kind of “went away.” He kept his eyes closed and seemed to be watching a movie. He was not in a coma, nor did he suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you called her by her name, she would open her eyes and be present with you. She was just busy in another way. I don’t know what he was focusing on, memories of days past or visions of things to come, but I do know that under those closed lids, his eyes were always moving.

He had little appetite, as well as little interest in the stories he told her or the jokes he made. She was polite, kind, and loving as she listened; but then he would ask me to go home. After a very short time, I realized that this was his process of refocusing from this plane of existence to another. My grandmother was 90 years old and had lived a very good and long life. So I don’t regret the missed opportunities, but still, I knew I would miss her and there it was. me bread. Gran had none. Yet I wondered, why was he holding on? There really was nothing “wrong” about her, so to speak. She had no illnesses. She was just older. However, my mother had never been without her. Since my mother got married, her mother, my grandmother lived with her. It was mom who couldn’t accept and couldn’t let go. For the last year I realized that Grandma was waiting for Mom to accept her and release her. This happened one weekend when the doctor who treated him warned him that he would have to amputate some of Gran’s toes due to lack of circulation. This news my mother could not bear, so she finally recognized that Gran needed and even wanted to move on.

Within hours of my mom having her private chat with grandmother, grandmother passed away beautifully in her sleep. I learned these things:

I learned by witnessing this process that people are connected and have “agreements.” When the “agreements” are fulfilled, they pass

I learned that there is a process of withdrawal from this focus and a refocusing on the new plane.

I learned that the process is elegant and beautifully orchestrated.

My grandmother was no stranger to death. He had experienced it many times in his long life. She was not afraid of dying. She had been a widow since she was 44 years old and still missed her husband, my grandfather. She talked to him all the time, consulted with him and, I’m sure, felt his presence with her for all the years that followed after his departure. He buried his first two grandchildren who died as babies, as well as their parents, and several and numerous friends and relatives. In short, Gran’s death was not complicated by fear of her, rather she had long accepted it as fact and an integral part of life.

It has been said that all life is suicide, that is, whether we are consciously deciding or unconsciously deciding, we are the ones who choose when, where and how we leave this incarnation. I have witnessed enough deaths now to conclude that I believe this to be true. In life on this planet, we focus our spirit right here in our daily life on planet earth. We focus on the details, we create, we destroy, we recreate and we have our adventure.

When we feel that we have explored this coming long enough, we withdraw our focused spirit from this plane and refocus it on what follows. This is a process like when we withdraw our focus from one task and refocus it on the next. We apply our spirit where we choose, for our own reasons and of our own free will.

It helps if we can see ourselves as eternal beings, just moving on to the next adventure as actors on stage, we take our exit. Perhaps it is gone from this stage, but we have not left somewhere.

As I said goodbye to my grandmother, I immediately found myself reliving the many adventures that she and I had shared over the years. we laugh until we cry. She would remember things that I had forgotten and vice versa. The important thing to keep in mind was that we were only reliving the good things, love, because that was all that was left. Seen from that place of good feelings, we were both full and full. It had been a great journey together with no regrets. It was plentiful and packed.

Every life is valuable, very valuable. The presence of that person on the planet has far-reaching effects. My grandmother was never educated. I lived with my parents on a small Social Security benefit of less than $ 400 a month, but I was rich. He laughed heartily, he loved it, he worked hard in his garden and in his kitchen. He did everything as if it mattered, and he did. He never cared about his weight, his wrinkles, or his value. He lived until he refocused, all gracefully and gracefully, knowing who he was: a valuable being. He didn’t really get into psychology or religion. She was never wrong. When I was sad, I cried; and then she looked for something to make her feel better and refocused on that. When she was angry, she expressed it. And when he was happy, he tickled him to the core with delight. And when he decided to leave and come home, he did so with grace and grace without fear.

A life should be viewed as a whole from beginning to end. If you intend to see elegance, you will. Trust the process, you are guided from Within, just as every moment of life has been. The degree of ease indicates the degree of connection with the Source within. But even in those cases in which there is great resistance and fear, that life is being guided to refocus on the great More; and that being is greeted on the other side with resounding cheers of “Well done!”

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