The diamond is probably the most popular of all gemstones out there. If there is a best friend for a woman, it is a jewel with precious stones. Diamond is also the birthstone for the month of April, and as such, April babies seek it out even more eagerly.

Few people are unfamiliar with the advertising clichés the diamond industry has been built on over the years. Clichés are so common that they have become part of pop culture: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamonds are forever. However, there is a reason for our easy acceptance and assimilation of such slogans. The reason – our love for diamonds.

diamond jewelry

Diamonds are symbolic in many ways. The status and symbolism that comes with owning gemstones make diamonds highly sought after.

Diamond engagement rings are recognized around the world as symbols of love and promise. A gemstone engagement ring worn on the left ring finger is recognized as a sign that a woman is engaged in marriage. The wide range of sizes and qualities of diamonds makes it possible for almost everyone to buy them and give them to their loved ones.

Diamond rings are also given for other purposes. A gemstone ring can be given as a symbol of the promise of bigger and better things to come (as a precursor to a diamond engagement ring, a promise ring). A diamond ring is also a popular gift as an anniversary gift (ten years is a norm) as a sign of continued devotion and love. Diamond rings aren’t just for women, either. A diamond ring is also a nice gift, a symbol of devotion, for a man. Diamond wedding bands have also become very popular.

Any type of gemstone jewelry is a welcome gift. Diamond watches, earrings, a necklace…they are all great gift options. In fact, many women hope to have at least one piece of jewelry to put together a matching ensemble before they feel like their jewelry collections are complete.

diamond engagement ring styles

The popularity of diamonds has given rise to a number of gemstone purchasing options and price ranges. Among the cheapest options in the purchase of diamonds are those made by men. The quality of a man-made gemstone is well matched to its natural premium, sometimes fooling even highly experienced gemstone appraisers.

Loose diamonds give buyers the ability to match a gemstone’s cut, quality and affordability to their budget and desired setting. Loose diamonds open up more versatility in combining gemstone settings and styles.

Increasingly, colored diamonds are finding their way into more conventional diamond markets. Colored gemstones in nature are even rarer than the clear, sparkling gems we value so highly. Yellow, pink, blue… diamonds exist in nature in almost all shades of color. It is becoming more and more known that colored diamonds are valuable; the famous Hope gemstone is a colored diamond. However, their rarity makes some fancy colored diamonds even more valuable than the highest quality white diamonds. As more people recognize diamond color as a characteristic rather than a flaw, fancy colored diamonds, manipulated color diamonds, and colored synthetic gems enjoy greater demand, further increasing their value.

Where to buy diamond jewelry?

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