Marble flooring and tiles are considered an effective way to add a wonderful and elegant design element to your home. For those thinking of replacing existing floors, for example, marble tiles would be an option worth considering.

These natural stone materials are truly elegant, easy to maintain and clean, and come in a wide range of color designs and patterns. For example, these tiles can be rough or smooth, or will have a pattern that can include hand-painted designs and patterns. The more complex the designs and patterns, the more expensive and expensive they will be.

The patterns you choose will depend on the room in which you place them. If you intend to install this type of tile on the floor, or on the kitchen or bathroom walls or furniture, then you will probably select a pattern like leaves or perhaps plain and simple tiles. In your living room or activity room, a pretty swirl pattern on the tiles might work well.

Restore marble vanities yourself

While there are professionals you can call any time you need to clean a marble or vanity floor, sometimes you still wonder, is it possible to restore marble and various stone vanity units yourself?

The answer is yes, and it could be done to some extent; however, if the surface is etched or dulled by the use of some bathroom and sink cleaners, you may need to call in the cleaners and professionals to buff the top back to its former glorious shine, because a new Factory finished marble countertop is polished or buffed by around seven to 11 grades of diamonds on a machine, and achieving the same finish would be nearly impossible if you simply used hand tools.

However, what the professional does to your marble countertop would be more than acceptable in any case. To restore the optimal state to the bathroom cabinet, or other stone furniture, it would be worth buying stone soap to clean, maintain and impregnate the surface. You can do this daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the cleaning regimen you want to implement.

Easy marble tile maintenance

To ensure that your marble floor stays looking good and retains its shine for years to come, simply follow these cleaning guidelines. First, be sure to keep your surfaces as free of dust as possible by cleaning them regularly with a soft, clean, lint-free mop. You should also clean them carefully with water and a mild, pH-neutral cleaner, which is specially made for use on stone surfaces.

You must remember that acidity/alkalinity or even abrasives present in standard cleaners can cause dulling, etching or scratching. You can also use a separate mop or rag reserved specifically for stone, and remember to change the mop water frequently. Lastly, you need to deal with spills quickly and not let them dry and stain the surface, and it would also be good to use door mats to catch dirt, sand, gravel and other debris.

As discussed above, there are different methods for cleaning marble floors and countertops, however, there are methods that are applicable to those types of surfaces. Obviously, you won’t be doing a major restoration program, but just implementing a simple cleaning guide. If your floors require more than this, we really need to see them to give you an idea of ​​what it takes to bring them back to life. – Tilenet

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