Japanese American History Told Through a Collection of Speeches and Articles is a book that covers much of the history of American citizens and immigrants of Japanese origin. Many of the untold stories of this group of people are told in the speeches and articles in this book. These people faced many difficulties and darkness in their lives. They had to be determined to find light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of Japan’s first immigrants came to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were young men who came as workers to share in the riches of American life. They had hopes of succeeding in this “land of opportunity” where it was believed that anyone could make a lot of money.

They faced discrimination and racism. After years of living in the United States, where they were not allowed to become citizens and were unable to own land in many areas due to their race, the men had married and had families. Her children were growing up and some had graduated from college. Immigrant parents emphasized education. However, many of these college graduates were unable to find work in their chosen fields even after having degrees because no one would hire them.

Still, these young Americans had high hopes. That came to a halt when the Imperial Navy of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Darkness came to the world and, no doubt, to the lives of Japanese Americans.

When darkness comes, it is necessary to seek the light. Seeking the good and keeping hope alive is necessary to overcome the darkness of life. Adapting well to the changes that come our way is essential to achieve success. Making the necessary adjustments can make a difference in achieving something worthwhile and wasting time without any progress.

It is not easy to overcome the darkness when it is permeating daily life so strongly. It is a much easier route to give in and perhaps give up. Staying positive during extremely dark times is difficult. It is a simple concept that can be quite promising.

There was a lot of darkness for Japanese Americans when they were unjustly incarcerated in camps during World War II. They needed to find the inner light to be able to endure the treatment they received from their own government. They had to try to have a nice, bright outlook during sad times. That is something everyone must do to survive and prosper.

Using more time in the evenings when daylight is no longer available can be a good way to find some light in the dark by spending time on something that could be lucrative and beneficial. Finding light at the end of the tunnel was difficult, but Japanese Americans worked hard and persevered until they found the light.

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