In 2015, Bloomberg revealed Google’s plan to switch its web search to artificial intelligence machines with Rank Brain. Since then, the machine learning artificial intelligence system has become an important part of the SEO world. You can say that the machine is better at dealing with unsought queries, especially when you are unsure of the meaning of the query. Initially Rank Brain only existed in 15% of Google queries. However, over time, the artificial intelligence system has expanded appreciably to affect the majority of Google search results.

How does it work?

Rank Brain takes advantage of artificial intelligence to convert textual search queries into mathematical entities, called word vectors. The computer can capture these vectors or distributed representations easily, with the help of their unique coordinate directions. In simple words, if the artificial intelligence machine finds an unknown word or phrase, it does the guesswork to find other words or phrases that have a similar meaning and gets the refined result accordingly.

Delving into Rank Brain

The artificial intelligence machine does its best to capture the intent of the query, which is otherwise meaningless. For example, consider a query, “FIFA city”. There could be several intentions behind this search.

  1. The searcher may want to ask about a FIFA tournament, which is about to take place or which took place recently.

  2. The person may currently be staying at a hotel near the FIFA headquarters and looking to get to the stadium to attend the opening ceremony.

  3. The seeker might be interested in knowing the winners of all FIFA tournaments to date or simply wanting to know about the defending champion.

  4. You may want to find the hometown of the best FIFA player of the last season.

  5. The search engine might also be willing to search for the most promising players of the current / upcoming FIFA season.

Since FIFA 2018 is about to start recently, a simplistic algorithm will most likely display the tournament venue as a search result, regardless of the primary intent behind the query. However, with the Rank Brain algorithm in place, the story could be different. For example, if the search engine is currently in the host city of the FIFA opening ceremony, Google could end up giving directions to the stadium in question. Therefore, signals such as the current location of the search engine, the freshness of the web content, etc., can be important for Rank Brain in interpreting the most satisfactory results.

Optimization for the range brain

Optimizing your website for Rank Brain is easy; what you need is to follow Google’s advice, “Try to write content that sounds human.” Yes, just write it in simple, natural language. If you start typing like machines, your website would only end up confusing this algorithm, without any optimization benefit. The time has come to update your business and include world-class technology to acquire leads. Rank Brain is among the best innovations in this regard to satisfy your cause; All you need is to enjoy searching with this artificial intelligence invention!

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