As part of the category of arm tattoos, half sleeve tattoos they are very popular in the tattoo market. Not only because they cover a large space on the arm, which makes them very powerful, but because they offer a great deal of creativity to their future user. Its size is a real lot for that matter.

Most of the time, people tend to think that half sleeve tattoos are just those tattoos that wrap around the upper arm, from shoulder to elbow. But believe it or not, we have another half of the arm under this area, also called the forearm! The tattoos that cover this place are also considered half sleeve tattoos. So, when talking about them, we must not forget this area of ​​the forearm between the elbows and the wrist.

People who really like sleeve tattoo designs, but who work in places where the work ethic does not condone tattoos, most of the time use their upper arm to position their half sleeve design. The reason for this is really simple. This tattoo is much easier to hide than the one on the forearm. The interesting thing here is that, for this reason, people tend to go for softer designs for the lower arm and more aggressive designs for the upper arm. When deciding which half of the arm to ink with a half sleeve design, consideration of several factors, such as the nature of your work, could be a crucial factor in making that decision.

Generally, these tattoos can be done in two ways. First, the person can make a complete project from scratch if they have a large design wrapped around their upper or lower arm. Second, you can try to bring together all the small arm designs from the past into one great single half sleeve tattoo, either by adding additional designs or by implementing some gentle artistic movements to make all of those designs really look like a whole. The last way to gather many small tattoos into one whole is usually taken when the person is not satisfied with how the designs of the past look on their arm.

One important thing when considering getting tattoos in general is money. But getting a half sleeve tattoo is anything but cheap. Depending on the complexity of the design, you could fetch $ 1,000 to $ 2,000, or even more. Therefore, budget is definitely one thing that can guide a person’s decision in this or that way, when it comes to whether or not to have a half sleeve tattoo.

A future user of this type of tattoo should be aware that the inking process itself is not a one-day job, after which they can go home happy knowing they got a new tattoo on their half arm. Since it covers a large area of ​​skin on the person’s arm and due to the amount of pain the person can sustain at one time, around fifteen sessions on average are anticipated for this type of work. One per week is preferable. Yes, getting half sleeve tattoos is not easy.

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