Healthy Food Fundraiser

As obesity is rampant in America, parent-teacher associations, school districts and school boards are increasingly turning to healthier alternatives to the classic cookie dough or candy fundraiser that has dominated the landscape during years. Fundraisers that sell healthy food instead of unhealthy food are clearly the future of fundraising.

Problems with “old-fashioned” fundraisers

For as long as anyone in the fundraising community can remember, the most popular fundraisers have been those that sell cookie dough or candy.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers have cookie dough pre-sold from vendor to customers out of catalogs. The dough is delivered frozen, which means the group that sold the dough must be there when the truck arrives so the cookie dough doesn’t spoil. The cookie dough is also ridiculously high in fat and sugar and made with raw eggs that can make people sick.

candy fundraiser they range from chocolate bar sales to lollipop sales. However, no matter what kind of candy fundraiser you’re doing, you buy your candy before it’s sold and then set up on a corner or in front of a store, or go door-to-door. Candy, obviously, is packed with sweeteners and sugars, among other unhealthy goodies.

Both the candy and cookie dough fundraisers are prohibited because neither is very healthy.

Why Healthy Food Fundraising Makes Sense

Healthy Food Fundraisers they are exactly what they sound like and can be performed in two ways. The first way is to have a healthy food bake sale. Instead of selling cookies, cakes and other sweets like a traditional bake sale, groups can sell organic breads, natural preserves and healthy trail mixes.

The other way to have a healthy food fundraiser is to have an advance sale fundraiser, similar to frozen cookie dough, but with healthy, non-perishable items. Some fundraising companies have started offering organic bread kits, organic pizza dough kits, all-natural trail mixes, and even organic dog treat mixes that can be sold through catalogs to raise money.

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