We all know that social media marketing and internet marketing are the same when it comes to brand building and sharing. Creating a website, establishing a brand, building social media accounts to connect with a larger audience, it’s all marketing, no matter what you call it. Here we take a look at some tips on not only social sharing, but how to do it right and make viewers want to share your posts, videos, and articles.

Facebook is the most visited social network:

Most of the amazing Facebook posts or ads that appear on our walls on a daily basis only excel at stimulating two types of reactions. Either you want to click the ad or ignore it. Whether you’re creating a Facebook ad for yourself simply to promote a book or CD, or you’re working on behalf of a business that wants to target a larger audience and drive more traffic to a website, the idea is the same.

Keep it simple:

Keep it simple and opt for one main type of reaction with each new Facebook ad or post. If you get a lot of clicks, that’s a plus. Even if you’ve posted hundreds of times or created many Facebook ads, that doesn’t mean the next one will be successful. There is science behind Facebook ads or Google advertising Ads for that matter, but no doubt a lot of luck and evidence involved.

There is no magic potion to get Facebook viewers to click on your ad. One thing is for sure, the more you post, the more experience you will get. Eventually it will get easier and you will start to see your success rate increase.

Highly shareable posts:

What people really want to do is share! If a post, joke, or video surprises them in a funny or special way, they’ll want to share it on Facebook.

Shareable and often viral posts do one of the following:

  1. GIFTS: They give away some kind of discount, offer, coupon, eBook or contest that everyone wants to participate in.
  2. COUNCIL TIPS: Ads or posts about tips, trade secrets, or problems that we can all relate to are highly shareable, like where to win a free car or get free Facebook fans.
  3. WARNINGS: Anything that sharpens our senses and warns us of danger is usually very popular on Facebook.
  4. FUNNY: Some of the funniest videos, images or quotes can be shared as long as they are in good taste and not too offensive to any religion, sect or person in general. Make sure it appeals to a wide audience and has mass appeal, so keep it fun but light.
  5. INSPIRING: Inspirational quotes can be the best way to make people feel good inside. So they will most likely want to share any post that has a personal insight, metaphor, or real meaning.
  6. AMAZING – Amazing images, videos and facts are easily shareable. As soon as you watch an amazing video and notice the “WOW” factor, the reach for the share button.

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