Technology advances at the speed of light. You blink and there is something new on the horizon. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but when it comes to home theater and audio, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of accessible and affordable technology to help create a cutting-edge, comfortable and streamlined experience.

2013 has many exciting developments on the home theater front, and as experts in home theater setup, design, and support, we wanted to share some of those trends with our readers.

1. Seamless wireless integration

Airplay is a feature from Apple that allows you to stream music or video throughout your home, wirelessly. This technology can be integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems so your iTunes playlists can be enjoyed in any room with the click of a button. And while most AirPlay products were somewhat expensive in 2011-2012, prices are expected to drop in 2013.

But if wireless isn’t in your budget, you can give the impression of a stripped-down wireless system by strategically hiding all back-end power supplies with a neat and tidy cable management approach. Cable management is the practice of using cable ties and small, specialized devices to hide cables from view and keep your home looking beautiful. Cable management can be extensive, used in larger server installations in companies or when building large houses. Cable management options can also be inexpensive and easy to implement. Vendors like Ikea or Best Buy offer many cable management devices for home use.

2. Goodbye discs

It used to be that streaming video was the way of the future – the future is now.

While DVD and Blu-ray players are still around (and will be around for some time), more and more consumers are demanding streaming functionality. Content streaming services continue to expand. Rogers on Demand offers more, Netflix invested heavily in its content in 2012, iTunes has an ever-expanding library, and they all bring you entertainment when you want it. We can set up your Apple TV and integrate it with your Netflix or iTunes library so you can stream any movie to any enabled screen in your home.

3. Multi-room home audio

Imagine your favorite music, vibrant and clear, played softly or loudly in any room you choose, throughout your home. A strategically planned multi-room, multi-speaker home audio system is the ultimate in flexibility. And it’s totally possible in 2013.

All your music is stored in one place (like your iPad, for example) and we set up your audio system so your favorite songs can be transferred from your living room to your kitchen and even your bathroom with the click of a single button. Enjoy bass thumps in the basement while you work out, then switch to classical playing softly in the background while you work in your home office, and later, some oldies singing while you prepare and cook dinner in the kitchen. Whole home audio amplifies the joy in your life! Music to your ears is just a phone call away!

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