Despite the rise in video streaming, podcasts remain a popular medium. This means that you should consider using podcasts in your online marketing strategy. You can use them to repurpose old blog articles or to build relationships with influencers in your industry.

Using podcasts helps with brand exposure and is a very cost-effective way to increase your overall marketing strategy. Find out how to incorporate podcasts into your existing marketing efforts.

Invite guests to discuss relevant topics

The first example of using podcasts for marketing is inviting guests to speak on a topic relevant to your industry. This method is most effective when your guest is an influencer. This is someone who has a good reputation in their industry and a large following.

By using podcasts to interview a guest, you can engage your audience to learn more about your brand. This also helps you build relationships with important people in your field. You’ve taken the first step in building a relationship that could lead to more cross-marketing opportunities.

How is the interview recorded? Usually all you need to do is record a phone conversation. It’s that easy. This is part of the reason podcasts are so beneficial. They are quick, easy and affordable.

Reuse content from your existing blog

Another option is to reuse content from your existing blog. If you have old posts that aren’t attracting more visitors, you can turn the post into a podcast.

Use the blog article as a topic for your podcast. Don’t just read the article word for word. Use it as a guide. This makes it easy to find topics for your podcasts and continues to release new podcasts regularly.

Create informative content and tutorials

You can also use podcasts to provide your audience with informative content. Podcasts should generally be kept to 15 minutes or less. This gives you plenty of time to offer advice and tips on a particular topic. This is the same as generating blog articles for your target audience.

You can even do the reverse of the tip above. You can easily turn your old podcasts into original blog articles. Transcribe your podcast and then edit it into an article to post on your blog.

Continue launching new podcasts

As with any marketing strategy, consistency is key. You’ll want to create a schedule for launching new podcasts. This helps you gain loyal followers. During the first few months of publishing podcasts, you should try to publish new podcasts several times a week.

The podcast also requires many of the same SEO strategies as other content. This includes catchy titles and descriptions. This is how you get people to discover your podcasts in the podcast directories.

You can also share your podcasts on social networks and promote them to your email subscribers. Basically, it is one more marketing channel that you can use to gain new followers.

Podcasts should not be overlooked as a marketing channel. A recent survey found that more than 46 million Americans listen to podcasts each month. Do not miss this opportunity to gain new followers or potential customers.

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