What a strange day. I was surfing the net, just like you. What were you looking for? Oh yeah, that’s it! Everything. Like you do. We have Sunday. Anyway, I somehow managed to massage. Just when I wrote that, I realized what you were thinking. No. Honestly. I was really looking for massages. My elbows hurt for years. Besides my knees and my ankle. However, my back is fine, it is as strong as an ox. In another life, he used to ride rugs. Three months ago I started a new job, as a delivery man.

I like my new job. More money, less work, lighter work, fewer hours. It’s great. So, as I see it, a new beginning. A new life. Friends have even told me that I am much more cheerful. I have even started to eat healthier. So it makes perfect sense to finally get rid of these old aches and pains.

I came across massage therapists, reiki, and of course escorts. The strange thing was a site that told me they would come to my address. They will relieve stress and tension in my home. I don’t even have to leave the house. Maybe I am in the wrong place? No. Nothing looks tacky. Now I take my time and read everything that appears on the screen. A massage in my own home sounds great.

I pick up the phone and call. The chime continues for one minute. I feel very nervous. I have even rehearsed what I was going to say. I’m so stupid. Why am I nervous? It is just a massage. “Hi Mobile Massage, this is Graham.” That? He’s a guy! A kind of deep voice. That completely baffled me. I stuttered. “Er, Err, I want a massage.” To be honest, I can’t remember much else except that he sounded like an idiot. But Graham sounded calm and reassuring. By the end of the call, he was already relieved. I laughed and cringed. Anyway, ‘Graham’ will arrive tomorrow at 6.30. That gives me time to get home from work and shower, she said not to eat. Not before the massage.

All day I have been thinking about Graham and my massage. For obvious reasons, I haven’t told anyone. What was I going to say? I laughed at myself again. My weird little secret. I planned a good routine. Shower, massage, then a video and to go. Happiness.

I am nervous again. I’m on my way home. I have enough time. I did the housework yesterday, as soon as I spoke to Graham on the phone. I didn’t want to stress out or break a sweat before the massage. That would be gross. And embarrassing. Sweaty, in a dirty house. Not good.

I got home an hour ago. I’ve been rearranging my furniture. Now I have decided that I would like the massage in the living room. He said he had a massage table, so I could lie down comfortably. All I needed was enough space to walk around me when I was getting the massage. I also opened all the windows and polished my computer. What time is it? 5 minutes! Shit! Do I smell? Have I started to sweat? I smell my armpits. I think I’m fine. No, I’m fine. Just relax. I start some breathing exercises.

‘Doorbell!’ That is the door. Quick look in the mirror. I look good. Smell good. Well, I don’t smell. The room looks good. I open the door. Ah hello. I’m Graham. ‘ Graham, a tall man with a very deep voice and an athletic build. Once again he has a very calm and reassuring manner, which I noticed on the phone.

He is unaware of the house as he follows me into the living room. I offer him a drink and he asks for a glass of water. Then he leads the discussion, asking me questions about my lifestyle. What I hope and hope to get out of this session. I start to think about my direction in life. He wasn’t being nosy. It’s just that your questions triggered my thoughts. Anyway, he was excited.

Graham had a CD player, which he turned on and played trance music. Then he excused himself and went to the bathroom so he could wash his arms. They told me to undress, stay in my underwear, and then lie down on his table, with his towel spread over me. It was a very strange day. She entered the room and immediately began the massage therapy session.

About 10 seconds after the massage, I was fully submerged.

At the end of the massage, they asked me to sit down, very, very slowly. He brought me a glass of water. I was thirsty. He let me think silently and get dressed. After a moment, while packing his gear, he asked me how I was feeling. I realized that he was listening very carefully to my responses. I didn’t expect the conversations before and after therapy, but I felt like they were part of the process. I also really enjoyed them. They gave me a lot to think about.

There is something very humiliating about having a stranger take control of your body, but at the same time respecting your privacy. And doing wonders for your feeling of well-being. I felt fantastic! I felt a lot of gratitude.

I made a reservation for the next month right away. I’m not going to deny my body this need again. This is a necessity, not a luxury. My posture is better. My skin looks healthier. My elbows feel almost perfect. My knees feel so much better. And my ankle is completely fixed. Although I go to the gym regularly, massage adds another dimension of health. Fortunately, it is an easy habit to maintain, because all I have to do is pick up the phone and the massage will come to me.

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