Mechanical Seal Magic Bullet – A Trelleborg Material Accommodates Most Sealing Requirements

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a leading provider of sealing technology, has just launched Isolast (R) J9876, which is a completely new perfluoroelastomer that has numerous properties particularly useful for mechanical seals. One thing that sets the composite apart from the rest is that it is not necessary to use various grades of materials that support various applications.

Even better, among all the perfluoroelastomers available on the market, Isolast (R) J9876 offers the widest range of resistance to media at elevated temperatures. As a result, the Trelleborg compound provides remarkable long-term retention of physical properties.

The many applications of Isolast (R) J9876 mechanical seals

Isolast (R) J9876 mechanical seals work well with virtually all media. It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and can be used in applications involving water and steam. It also meets USP Class VI standards and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Steven Farnsworth, CPS Processing Equipment Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, Isolast (R) J9876 is the newest material in sealing technology. It is designed to strike a balance between exceptional media compatibility and impressive thermal resistance.

Farnsworth added that another reason this perfluoroelastomer is ideal as a mechanical seal material is that it has an improved compression fit, as well as surprisingly delicious temperature capabilities. All of this means that Isolast (R) J9876 can withstand higher temperatures and chemical exposure without losing several mechanical properties that make the compound excellent for sealing.

Isolast (R) J9876 – What can it do?

The compound’s temperature range is 19 to 527 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees to 275 degrees Celsius) and its peaks reach up to 599 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius).

The perfluoroelastomer seal also comes in different forms such as gaskets, o-rings, molded parts, and rubber-to-metal bonded components, including door and gate seals.

Other applications of Isolast (R) J9876 include:


Chemical processing systems



Power Generation Equipment

Semiconductor applications that are not directly subjected to plasma sources

About Trelleborg sealing solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a leading supplier of sealing products, is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of precision mechanical seals. The markets it supports include the industrial, aerospace and automotive sectors. It has more than 20 production centers and 40 marketing companies around the world.

Among the brands found in the company’s portfolio are:

1. Chase Walton

2. Busak + Shamban

3. Forsheda

4. Dowty

5. Palmer Chenard

6. LNG

7. Skega

8. Shamban

9. Stefa

Trelleborg’s range of patented products and materials includes Zurcon, Turcon, Orkot, Stepseal, Isolast and Wills Rings.

Trelleborg, a global industry group specializing in advanced polymer technology, has been developing high-performance sealing products and solutions specifically for demanding industrial applications. The Trelleborg Group employs approximately 20,000 employees in more than 40 countries. The Group is made up of:

Trelleborg Automotive

Trelleborg Engineering Systems

Trelleborg wheel systems

Trelleborg sealing solutions

Since 1964, Trelleborg’s share has been listed on the OMX Nordic List, Large Cap and on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Trelleborg has long played an important role in the mechanical seal industry.

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