What is dry ice blasting? Dry ice blasting is a form of industrial abrasive blast cleaning that uses a solid form of carbon dioxide known as dry ice. The pellets or ice are shot through the stream of pressurized air from one or two hoses.

Which system is better? Most of today’s systems are single hose technology. The technology using the single hose was created by the Cold Jet company in 1986. One advantage of the single hose system is that it avoids the potential hazards of a pressurized hopper through the use of a fast cycling airlock. Another advantage of the single hose system is that it has more power and you can use a longer hose.

Making massive money! There are many ways to make money cleaning with dry ice. Many people prefer dry ice blasting to remove paint, because it is less harsh than sandblasting. Another great business opportunity is cleaning food processing equipment. Because it can decontaminate surfaces that could contain salmonella and e. coli Dry ice can clean without residue, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency prefers it to many types of solvent-based cleaners. The aerospace industry also uses dry ice blasting on sensitive equipment such as clean semiconductors. Manufacturers are also a great business opportunity because cold cleaning can be used to maintain their equipment and drastically reduce their downtime.

The freeze blaster is just one of several different types of dry ice blasting equipment. For around $3,000 you can usually buy a dry ice blasting machine.

What about security? How safe is this type of industrial cleaning? Cold cleaning (normal pressure is -78 c(-108 f) can be toxic if the concentration is higher than 1%. Suffocation can be caused by oxygen removal, so dry ice should be used in a well ventilated area.

Safety Equipment: Typical safety equipment will include a positive pressure blast hood or helmet. The air hoses are connected to a Grade D pressurized air supply, which is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Also the use of earplugs for hearing protection is part of the usual safety equipment. Body protection typically includes gloves and coveralls, as well as a leather coat and chaps.

What fees can I charge? How much money can I earn in this industrial cleaning business? Total typical rates can be in the range of $300.00 per hour, so it can be one of the most lucrative types of industrial cleaning.

The benefits of dry ice blasting: This type of industrial cleaning meets EPA, USDA, and FDA guidelines. It has less cleanup of waste material. Extends equipment life. Clean more thoroughly. Reduces or removes team damage. Provides a safer cleaning environment. It is non-polluting and respectful with the environment. It can destroy and eliminate the growth of bacteria and fungi.

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In short, dry ice blasting can be an extremely profitable business and also helps the environment.

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