If you have a small kitchen, then you know how easily it can look messy and disorganized. Kitchen remodeling can help you maximize a small amount of space, create the illusion of more area, and help you create a place that is not only organized but also highly functional. Here are some of the easiest ways to save space in your favorite room.

1. Knock down walls

For large remodel jobs, knocking down walls is a great way to open up your cooking space and create a more harmonious flow throughout the house. This is a task not for beginners, so it’s best to consult with a professional kitchen remodeling company to make sure you don’t end up bringing down the entire house with the walls.

2. Create a more efficient design

In order to conserve as much space as possible, as well as keep your kitchen fully operational, it’s important to choose the right positions for your appliances and storage space.

Any renovation expert will tell you that there is a golden triangle rule: the three most used appliances in the kitchen should be located in an easily accessible triangle. So if you’re a baker, it makes sense for the oven to be near the refrigerator and for easy-access baking sheet storage. Carefully consider your cooking methods to help you not only conserve space but also create a more functional design.

3. Maximize storage space

This may be easier said than done, but a small investment in some quality cabinets and shelving for your remodel can help you create more space. The easiest and most effective types of space-saving cabinets are pull-out drawers and shelves. These allow you to create deep storage spaces that are easy to access. You also won’t have to worry about loose hinges keeping cabinet doors permanently ajar or finding a stool to get to the Christmas plate being pushed off the back of a high shelf.

4. Bring on the light

Natural and artificial light can help you open up the space. Large windows facing the sun will give the illusion of a larger space, as well as enhance the mood of the room. Interior lighting is also important, so be sure to install overhead and under-counter lighting.

The color palette you choose for your remodel scheme can also be helpful in maximizing the appearance of the space. Light colors like white, cream, yellow, and pastels will open up the kitchen. Stay away from too many dark colors or a large dark countertop, as this will only appear more cluttered and closed off.

5. Construction and island

For very small kitchens, this may not be possible, but if space is available, building an island can provide much-needed storage. Kitchen islands provide you with valuable space for food preparation, lower and upper storage capacity, as well as an informal dining area.

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