Modern or contemporary bedroom furniture is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself. By using a minimum of creativity and making the most of the space at your disposal, you have the opportunity to make your ideal master bedroom! So what are the best ways to approach this and make the most of a contemporary setting for one of the most important rooms in the house?

You can start with this in two ways. Either using your imagination to create different configurations of modern bedroom furniture in your mind, or visiting a few stores and consulting some of the manufacturers’ catalogs to jump-start your creative processes. You are likely to see a wide range of colors and shapes on sale. Modern master bedrooms can be decorated in virtually any color of the rainbow, and the furniture in them can be almost any geometric shape you can imagine.

Materials that were traditionally used in the construction of bedroom furniture are replaced, or at least transformed, in a modern bedroom furniture context. Outside in the understated brown tones of oak, cherry or walnut and inside with bright or contrasting colors of processed wood, metal and plastic. The use of these latter materials is one of the reasons why modern design has been able to free itself from the limitations that chained traditionalist artisans. Metal, for example, can be forged, rounded, twisted, or combined in ways that would have defeated any attempt at wood.

If you are looking for modern bedroom furniture, it is also a good time to think about the rest of your bedroom d├ęcor. To harmonize or contrast, you can choose the paint and wallpaper that correspond to the vision you have built for your future master bedroom. Many of the techniques that are now used in decoration have evolved with the furniture itself. You now have access to a variety of possibilities, such as sponge painting, creating unique “cracked” effects, and spray paint effects that blend one color with another.

Curtains, blinds and shutters also enter the scene, as well as windows that are part of modern bedroom furniture. These are elements that allow you to modulate the appearance of your bedroom, raising or lowering the blinds, opening or closing the curtains, etc. With a selection of contemporary designs and patterns, you can brighten up your bedroom using paler colors and give it an added air of mystery by using deeper, richer color palettes that include purple, emerald, and terra cotta.

Complete your ideal master bedroom with accessories like nightstands, lamps, dressers, and mirrors. Keep in mind that as modern as you want your bedroom to look, ideally your modern bedroom furniture should revolve around one, maybe two at most, central themes. These themes can be based on color schemes (orange and green, black and red or whatever appeals to you) or on shapes and forms (triangular, circular, rectangular, etc.).

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