Almost every business, regardless of location, has a customer problem. This situation should be dealt with quickly and amicably. Otherwise, you may end up with the customer posting in a public forum. The agitated customer may feel that he needs to warn people about his business. News can travel faster now in this internet age. Negative words can have an adverse impact on your business. However, if you are prepared to handle online criticism of your business, then you can effectively address it and minimize the financial impact. Let us discuss some tips for managing your online reputation.

Create a presence on media sites

Your company must be present on some social media platforms. However, if you are in a highly competitive market, you may need to be active on other social networking sites as well. There are numerous such sites available and some of them specific to your business. For many high-tech companies, the integration with LinkedIn can be useful.

Strengthen your influence on social media accounts

You need to increase your influence on the various social media accounts. Having a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account is not enough. Building your audience for them is also important. You can make your social media accounts interact with your customers. If someone starts posting negative things about your business, these accounts should be strong enough to overcome these negative posts.

Consider your brands

You may need to create social profiles for your product names and brands. Develop content to rank for those names. Perhaps to reserve each brand name, you may need to develop web pages, websites, and social media profiles.

Protect people linked to the company

A solid reputation management strategy is essential for distinguished founders, owners and executives. Very often, clients search by names of doctors, dentists, lawyers, so it is necessary to protect these people associated with the business.

implement authoring

You can implement authorship as a marketing strategy. This is useful for companies where the owners are closely related to the company identity. The author tag is associated with individuals and not with a commercial page.


Blogs not only help improve your site’s rankings with good keywords, but for reputational purposes they rank by name and you can respond to any claims made about your organization.

don’t be inflexible

When responding to negative reviews, you may want to give some serious thought to your process. It is worth investigating if there may be any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Especially if you have been getting frequent negative feedback about something in particular, then you need to find a solution without running afoul of customers.


Investing in proactive online reputation management services is a good decision for small businesses in the long run, especially if such a crisis arises. If you don’t have time to handle this or don’t know how to deal with it, ask someone to do it for you.

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