This groundbreaking leadership research has received wide endorsement and rave reviews from well-known business leaders, politicians, and prominent academics who participated in the study or reviewed the research results. You will discover the proven success habits and secrets of the people who, despite difficult or life-threatening challenges, shaped their own destiny to become successful and effective leaders. The full results of this research will be presented in the forthcoming book by Dr. Howard Edward Haller entitled “Leadership: View from the Shoulders of the Giants.”

The nine early successful and prominent leaders who overcame adversity who were interviewed were: Dr. Tony Bonanzino, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch, Monzer Hourani, U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, Dr. John Malone, Larry Pino, Major General of the US Army Sid Shachnow, Dr. Blenda Wilson and Zig Ziglar.

The data from the nine previous research participants was materially augmented by seven other successful leaders who overcame adversity, including: Jack Canfield, William Draper III, Mark Victor Hansen, J. Terrence Lanni, Angelo Mozilo, Dr. Nido Qubein, and Dr. John Sperling.

Additionally, five internationally recognized and respected leadership scholars provided their reviews of leadership research findings, including: Dr. Ken Blanchard, Jim Kouzes, Dr. John Kotter, Dr. Paul Stoltz, and Dr. Meg Wheatley.

This is a short biography of one of the top sixteen participants who generously contributed their time and knowledge to this important research on the phenomenon of how successful leaders overcome adversity and obstacles. This is Larry Pino’s story:

Larry Pino “grew up moving every three years” because his “father was in the [U.S.] Air Force. “In 1973 he graduated from the University of Notre Dame; then he received his Juris Doctorate from New York University School of Law in 1976. After becoming a young lawyer,” he struggled to build his legal practice for several years. “.

One of the first adversities or challenges in his adult life “was the complete failure of my first and only campaign to run for political office”:

“I could probably write the book on how not to run a successful campaign, because I made all the mistakes under the sun. During the course of that campaign, if I had just stayed home and never met a soul, there would be more votes. that if I had run an active campaign, which I did, for four months. “

He went further and said: “In fact, the candidate in writing would have done a better job than me to get votes.” He “suffered a terrible loss beyond defeat at the polls.”

Pino then “tried various commercial ventures.” One of the first businesses in which “I moved strongly was when I created a company called ‘Crepes to Go'”. Of that company, Pino said, “I probably made all the mistakes under the sun, and it turned out to be an absolute disaster, the only business where I really just totally screwed up, start to finish.” Larry then added: “Now, out of that came a mess, lawsuits came, a failure came, I did not file for bankruptcy, but I lost a lot of money, resentments, broken friendships, just a lot of things.”

Larry “set out to focus on building [his] “Once he” had accumulated some money practicing law and had been very successful selling other people’s seminars, “Pino” started another business selling my own seminar, which unfortunately failed and devastated me financially. “Out of Desperation, Pino” was converted to the new ‘infomercials’ format as [his] main advertising method. “Pino said:” This strategic shift in marketing [or advertising] put a material twist on this business, creating a profitable company. “

Pino in addition to owning the successful American Cash Flow seminar business, Larry “purchased the assets of several companies with consolidated annual sales of around $ 8 million and later transformed them into a very successful business development and management company – Dynetech Corporation.” . Pino, as president and CEO, has turned “Dynetech Corporation into a strong and dynamic business development and management firm that is a process provider.” Larry has successfully overcome several obstacles and “as an entrepreneur he has started or managed more than 45 successful businesses.” In 2004, “Inc.” The magazine named his company the 71st fastest growing private company on its Inc. 500 list. “He is married to Janet Horvath-Pino and they have two sons and a young daughter.

Copyright 2006 © Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.

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