Pet owners often wonder how pet friendly a hotel can be if they charge a high and / or non-refundable pet deposit. They also wonder why they are being charged when, as far as they know, their pet is not dirty. Are these hotels just taking our money and laughing all the way to the bank? However, is there something else to this scenario that we are not aware of? Perhaps our pets are not as “clean” as we think. Let’s find out once and for all.

The first myth to put aside is that the fact that your pet has been washed and groomed does not leave any additional mess. While some people take better care of their animals than others, it should be noted that while we like to think of our pets as clean, they leave behind dander, hair, and saliva. This is not bad, it is completely normal and unavoidable.
Animal-allergic humans are allergic to dander and saliva left behind by animals and can attest that additional cleaning must be done to remove pet dander, hair, and saliva. Your allergies will intensify if a room is not cleaned properly. More advanced methods are required to thoroughly clean a room where a pet has been housed. Even if you are not allergic, do you really want to stay in a room that has not been properly cleaned after the last pet was in it?
So now that we know that animals leave things behind regardless of how well their owner cares for them, the next issue to address is the issue of pet deposits or fees. It can be daunting having to pay a sometimes high and / or non-refundable pet deposit in addition to the cost of a hotel room.
I spoke to lower priced hotels ($ 100 or less per night for a standard room) and higher priced hotels ($ 100 or more per night for a standard room). I asked them about their pet policy and cleaning practices and determined the following:
Of the lower priced hotels, one charges a $ 25-150 non-refundable fee depending on the size of the pet and the likelihood of damage (ranging from lingering pet odors, difficulty removing hair and dander, furniture damaged, etc.). The only additional cleaning they do is a flea pump, but note that they do not claim the fee is for cleaning. Another charges a one-time non-refundable pet fee of $ 150 and does a very thorough cleaning after an animal has been left in the room. In addition to your normal routine, deep cleaning involves shampooing carpets and cleaning accessories and decorations, as well as having a local supplier spray chemicals to kill any remaining fleas.
Of the higher priced hotels, one charges a one-time $ 25 non-refundable cleaning fee. They perform additional cleaning and disinfection of furniture and decorative items, and shampoo carpets when necessary. Another charges $ 35 per night and allows pets of all sizes. They also perform a deep cleaning that goes beyond that of a pet-free room.
In many cases, more expensive hotels have more expensive pet deposits / fees than cheaper hotels; after all, they are more expensive for a reason. Higher priced hotels tend to cater to pets in a way that their cheaper counterparts do not. The treats and extra services they provide to pets require additional staff, supplies, and time.
Doing a search for pet-friendly hotels before a trip can be beneficial because you will likely find one that suits your needs. Chances are, if you are staying at a hotel with a high, non-refundable pet deposit / fee, more thorough cleaning methods will be used than a hotel with no pet deposit / fee. It all comes down to your personal preferences and whether you want to stay in a room that has been thoroughly cleaned or if you would rather save some money and have a room that may not have had more cleaning than a normal non-pet room. bedroom.
Also, when deciding whether to take your pet on a business trip or vacation, some important things to consider are how long you will be away, if there is someone who can take care of your pet, and how upset you and your pet will be. . whether you leave your pet at home. Sometimes it can cost the same to house your pet in a kennel, so it would be best if you took your pet with you. And if you’re on a trip that lasts longer than a couple of days, it can give you, your family, and your pet more peace of mind by taking them with you. After all, how nice would it be to have Fido running along the beach with you every night?
If you are still not convinced that the money you pay for a pet deposit / fee is reasonable, feel free to check their policy and find out what kind of cleaning they do. In most cases, the hotelier has a valid use of the funds he raises and it can seem like a bargain. Note that what appears to be a high upfront rate may actually turn out to be cheaper than a nightly rate, depending on the length of your stay. There are always exceptions and even some hotels that do not charge any deposit / fee. Another good idea is to visit their website and read the comments that are left about the hotel’s pet rooms. What better way to get to know your rooms than from previous clients?

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