If you have, like many of us these days, a Nintendo Wii console, you might be wondering if you can burn Wii games to disc, and if so, how? A web search shows a few different options for recording Wii games. The software available for this task performs admirably for the most part and is constantly improving. Not long ago, it was almost impossible to back up your Wii games, now it is a common activity. With minimal effort, you can burn copies of your Wii games for backup purposes.

The best of the software that exists will allow you to copy and record games from the same program, instead of having to deal with one software and then the other. Naturally, you will want to do a little research and evaluation before choosing software to burn your games to disc. You will need software that allows your computer to recognize Wii game discs when placed in your optical drive (CD / DVD burner drive, in this case), as well as software to burn DVD discs.

An all-in-one solution is great for many, but if you’re particularly satisfied with the DVD burning software you already have, stick with that for the burning part of the process. If you are not that attached to that software, you will want to go with a program that can perform both steps. Simplicity is a wonderful thing, especially when you want to burn copies of your Wii games to disc for safe keeping.

Once you have the software you need to back up your Wii games, the steps are very, very simple. Just insert the Wii disc you want to copy, run the software that reads the data from your disc, and then insert a blank DVD to save your data. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready to burn a copy to disc, and soon after, you’ll be enjoying your playback. Do some research before you start, choose your Wii game recording software carefully, and of course, happy gaming!

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