If you’re looking to update your kitchen, the most striking change you can make is to install new cabinets. There is a wide selection of cabinet styles and colors to choose from and a number of options on how to outfit the drawers. New cabinets will not only improve the look of your kitchen, but you’ll also have more storage space than ever before and added convenience that will make preparing dinner that much more fun.

There are three basic options when considering the purchase of new kitchen cabinets. Cabinets in stock, semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets. Regular cabinets are the most reasonably priced and are what you’ll find at any home improvement store. Just enter the dimensions of your kitchen, and the store clerk can put together a computer layout of how to reconfigure your space. Store cabinets come in standard shapes and sizes and the clerk can help you manage your space. Since the width of the cabinets may not match the exact size of your room, you may need special spacers to fill in the gaps.

Semi-custom cabinets are another option, but they will be more expensive than standard cabinets. These are cabinets that are specially configured at a design store just to fit your room. These cabinets give you a number of different design options and are typically made from a finer grade of wood and the craftsmanship is a step up from standard cabinets. Custom cabinets go one step further and offer the option of different cabinet-to-cabinet transitions and will result in less wasted under-counter space. By choosing the custom or semi-custom cabinets, you can add a nice food pantry without trying to stack storage cabinets on top of each other.

Once you’ve decided on the type of cabinets, it’s time to figure out how many you’ll need and what type of cabinets you want. A mix of glass top panels with traditional wooden doors will add a very elegant effect. Under-counter cabinets need to be functional and attractive, so choose those that offer the most storage capacity. There are a wide variety of options that weren’t available when today’s kitchen cabinets were made, so be sure to take advantage of pull-out drawers and storage baskets. They make organizing the kitchen so much easier.

Cabinet drawers can also be configured in a number of different ways. The special inserts are not available for cutlery, but also for organizing utensils and recipes. Creative designers have devised unique ways to meet all the special demands of kitchen work. Ask about special bookcases for cookbooks and wine racks, they’ll not only make your kitchen work better, they’ll add a touch of style. Wine glass and plate racks can also be installed directly into your cabinet space, making entertaining more convenient.

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