Silk is one of the most sensual fabrics often used throughout the home for everything from drapes to a designer upholstery material for walls and furniture. One of the main benefits of this material continues to be the elegant appearance and the classic yet luxurious look that it instantly adds to any home. There are quite a few benefits to investing in silk, or even synthetic silk. There are also quite a few drawbacks that customers need to be aware of before spending their hard-earned money.

wear and tear

Silk is known to show normal wear more easily than other fabrics. Because of this, it is usually reserved for use in designer upholstery for furniture that will not be used as often, such as furniture found in the formal living room or a nice armchair that sits on the rarely used side of the room.

People who are enamored with the idea of ​​reupholstering their entire living room furniture set in silk may enjoy the look and feel of silk velvet instead of traditional silk. For example, it tends to look better with age rather than looking old and worn like traditional silk.


Silk is one of the most expensive materials on the market. This is one of the main reasons that homeowners are encouraged to carefully consider the pros and cons of this material before purchasing. Synthetic silk is often available at a much cheaper price and has the same look and feel as real silk.


Silk is known to be one of the strongest natural fibers in existence. This means that it can withstand being pulled and stretched to perfectly fit the furniture during the upholstery process without ripping or tearing. For example, strong parachutes can be made from designer silk and offer the same protection as most traditional parachutes.

Anti-wrinkle and crush resistant.

Silk doesn’t wrinkle as easily as other materials, making it a great choice for window treatments. It will not appear squashed if heavy furniture is pushed against it or heavy objects are placed on top of it due to its crush resistant nature.

sunlight damage

When silk is exposed to the sun’s rays, the fibers wear out more easily than anything else. This will make the material tear more easily and appear to fade faster than any other material on the market. People who want to use this fabric for curtains are recommended to use a lining to protect it from sunlight. Those who are interested in using silk as a designer upholstery material should move the furniture to an area of ​​the room that is not exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis.

Water damage

While silk can absorb a lot of moisture, it doesn’t look as good after it comes into contact with water. A few drops of water can cause a water stain that will be almost impossible to remove, making people have to be extra careful with furniture that has silk as its primary upholstery fabric and use high-maintenance ways of cleaning that don’t use a liquid cleaner, even if it’s just water.

Silk continues to gain popularity for a number of reasons. Many people are now learning that they can buy their own designer upholstery fabrics and do these projects themselves, people are learning how wonderful walls help keep in heat when homeowners upholster them with designer silk fabrics, and the invention of faux silk has made all of this so much cheaper for everyone. People who love the look of silk can take extra care to ensure they enjoy all the benefits without too many drawbacks thanks to these tips.

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