What is the difference between a strip club and a gentlemen’s club? If you are going to have a great night with the boys, this is something you should know. Once you’ve been to a few strip clubs, it’s time to catch up and head to a gentlemen’s club to see some real women.

First of all, and this is the most important difference, girls are hotter in a men’s club. Not only are they hotter, but they’re classier too. If you’ve ever been to Cooter’s Horndog on Interstate 27, you’ll know what I mean. Sometimes it’s the difference between a Playboy model and a truck stop hooker. The women in these clubs can be not only sexy, but so stylish and attractive that you will want to come back and see them again and again. If you have a few beers in you, it might even be love.

Another difference is that the place will be cleaner. If you’ve been to a few local strip clubs, you know there are some places you don’t want to sit. Some places have tables so sticky that you wonder how many gallons of beer have been spilled there and if the bartender understands the concept of “cleaning.” In a nicer place, it will be really flawless. They’ll also have it nicely decorated so you have a classy feel, unlike some strip clubs that feel like you’re in someone’s creepy basement. They are also generally better lit, so you can see the girls better.

A gentlemen’s club is less likely to be full of drunken idiots. Or at least they’ll be rich, well-dressed drunken idiots drunk on expensive alcohol. While a strip club lets any local gang member in (and they come in droves), these places are a bit more demanding. You have to at least be decently dressed to enter. The higher price also helps cut down on the mob coming out of the street.

One of the signs of a gentlemen’s club is that they have a valet to park their car. You don’t usually see this in strip clubs, especially the ones found in stores. This shows that the place has something of class. You will also get this idea from gorillas when you approach the door. They are less likely to drool while checking your ID, and they will make you feel like your establishment is worth entering for the amount of money you are paying.

That’s another key difference: money. If you are going to a nice place, you should bring some bills. First of all, the coverage charge will be much higher. This ensures that only the right kind of people enter. The drinks will also cost you a lot more than you expect. You should also know that your dollar bills will not make the strippers move to your part of the stage, and you are not going to get a lap dance for ten dollars.

If you really want to enjoy your outing to the strip club, a gentlemen’s club is the way to go. But be careful because some strip clubs advertise themselves as a “gentlemen’s club,” complete with a cheesy neon sign and a $ 10 monkey suit for the gorilla. Ask around and make sure it’s the real deal or you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

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