Since the concept was first introduced around the 1930s, the use of tactical flashlights to help police and military identify targets before shooting has saved countless lives and made the job of soldiers and officers much easier. Although now commonplace, when the use of these lights was first introduced, it was a major tactical innovation. In the years since then, tactical lighting has evolved tremendously and now a variety of bulb, battery and housing technologies enable one-handed or hands-free lighting in a number of very different tactical situations.

Police use

The original innovators of the tactical flashlight were police departments that needed an easy way to correctly identify suspects in low light situations while still being able to fire a weapon if necessary. Specialized tactical flashlights were developed that could be easily held in conjunction with a firearm, allowing officers to clearly see what the weapon was aimed at. As tactical gear has improved over the years, so have these lights; Most police use tactical flashlights use LEDs to allow unprecedented bulb life with minimal battery usage, while using custom designed cases that are damage resistant and can be physically attached to the bulb. pistol to allow the officer to have a free hand or to use both hands on the firearm.

Military use

Like the police force, the military is in dire need of specialized tactical lighting that does not interfere with a soldier’s duties. Military tactical flashlights can come in a variety of styles, some of which are similar to those worn by police officers, while others are designed with specific uses in mind. Many military tactical flashlights can be attached to clothing rather than firearms, allowing soldiers a broader view of the area while keeping their hands free to handle their weapon or other weapons. Most of these lights will have specialized filters or in some cases specialized bulbs that will allow them to illuminate a night vision area or infrared goggles without giving away their position by bright light.

Sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts

Tactical flashlights and similar tactical gear aren’t just used by soldiers and police officers, of course. Many hunters, athletes, and other outdoor enthusiasts will use this same gear when hunting early in the morning, allowing them to maneuver through wooded areas without having to carry a larger flashlight or flashlight. This can be especially helpful when setting up a deer stand or setting up a hunting ground in low light situations, as they will be able to keep their hands free to work while ensuring they have enough light to see what they are doing. Some of these dedicated athletes will use specialized light filters or bulbs similar to those used by soldiers to avoid scaring off wildlife; the light is changed to a shadow that will not be noticed by deer or other animals that may be hunting. These tactical lights can also help prevent potential legal problems that could be caused by larger lights, as their smaller size makes them nearly impossible to use to illegally highlight a game for the purpose of stunning you.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

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