Don Juan has been heard of, by all accounts, he was a great libertine and lover and made love to women from all over Italy and France. In short, he is the epitome of a true lover. You cannot think of anyone similar in the subcontinent, but in Pakistan, a man can wear the Don Juan mantle and is a Muslim Pir.

Who is a Pir? he is supposed to be a holy man who has direct communion with God and is the man who shows the laity the guide of bliss. A Pir is a product of Sufi culture; a liberal form of Islam that is peculiar to Pakistan and Indian Muslims. News has emerged from Pakistan that a young and energetic Pir Muslim had spread a statement that he had the power to ensure that a woman beget a child.

Now, in Pakistan, as in India, there is an almost crazy desire to have a child, as girls are despised. Thus, many women who did not have children were looked down upon by the family and were obviously eager to have children. So when they heard that a Pir, who could bestow upon them a son, they flocked to the Pir’s abode. The Pir was a great psychologist and he played with the faith and the faith of women and seduced them into a special bed on his back. Room. He called the bed Noor bed while copulating with the women and soon more than 300 of them conceived.

Almost all the women were married and succumbed to the advances of the and Pir and gave themselves to him. Obviously, once a woman got pregnant, she kept it a secret. Even some barren married women whose husband was probably to blame also conceived and found happiness.

Fearing arrest, Pir ran away, but was later arrested. This was in 2011 and the trial is still going on and there are no witnesses available. After all, no woman will admit that she slept with Pir. Even the Sharia requires 4 witnesses for the act and I am afraid there are none available. However, people have mixed feelings about the Pir and one woman has said that the Pir did a good thing by getting infertile women pregnant because otherwise their lives at home were hell. Then he saved them. I wonder what people will feel about Pir’s acts. How many support it

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