If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury massage loungers, check out Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra Series. The Real Pro Ultra series consists of five different models of massage chairs. They share a common technological platform and differ in certain characteristics. The top of this series is the EP 30006 KU massage chair.

There are five different models that consist of the Real Pro Ultra series. Each of these models has the same basic technology, such as Quad Style Rollers, 3-D Body Scan Technology, and Junetsu Massage Technique.

Your massage chair therapy will begin with a three-dimensional body scan. The Panasonic EP 30006 KU massage chair is the very latest in body scanning technology. This allows you to make a virtual 3D map of your back.

The technology in the EP-30006 KU massage chair is built in to personalize your massage. The body scan locates the dimensions of your body and also identifies the different acupuncture points. This information is used to provide a better quality massage treatment and better whole body vigor.

One of the differences with the Real Pro Ultra technology is the quadruple style massage mechanism. This mechanism has massage heads that open and close. This allows you to provide different massage techniques. This includes shiatsu, swedish, kneading, and also grabbing.

With quad style massage technology you can get shiatsu, swedish, knead, and also grab. There are certain movements that are used to replicate these different massage techniques. Gripping uses a thumb and finger closure method to apply pressure.

A common feature found in the Real Pro Ultra EP30006 massage chair series is the Junetsu massage technique. Junetsu is a Japanese word for ultra-fine kneading. This makes use of small circles with increasing pressure to relieve and reverberate through the muscle tissue.

The Junetsu massage technique is ideal for relieving tension in the muscles. If you have a no on your shoulder, you can target that specific area. Let the small circular motions reverberate through the muscle tissue to the bone.

The integrated air compression system provides a full body massage of many of the largest muscle groups. Compression massage is a great way to relieve large muscles that require more pressure and squeezing action.

There is a specially designed seat with air compression massage. This gently squeezes and demands your buttocks, thighs and waist. This is a great way to relieve tension and improve circulation.

If you exercise, then you know that stretching is an important activity to do beforehand. Stretching helps your muscles become more flexible, which can also prevent injury. The EP-30006 KU massage chair comes with a full body stretching system. The lower body stretch helps relieve lower back pain and relief.

Another feature that is not commonly seen with an air system is the shoulder massage. The shoulder massage has specialized air bags to tighten around the shoulder and armpit area. This is believed to gently stimulate your lymphatic system to aid clients and detoxify your body.

The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra series is the latest luxury line. The EP 30006 KU massage chair is the most feature-rich chair in the series. Panasonic is known for reproducing the intricate techniques that the therapist uses. This helps provide a much more realistic massage. If you are looking for a luxury massage chair, you should take a look at the Panasonic EP 30006 KU recliner.

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