Ford is known for creating great designs and high performance cars. But imagine what the outcome will be if Ford fuses one of its low-roof Ford Transit Connect pickups with one of its legendary high-performance Focus RSs. The product is the extraordinary Transit Connect X-Press, which is considered one of Ford’s fastest and most highly versatile small commercial vehicles to hit the market.

Transit Connect X-Press is lowered to 70mm with 18-inch OZ alloys and emits an exhaust note that resembles that of Ford’s Focus RS WRC. It has a race-spec roll cage on the inside, while its exterior is done in a pearlescent white paint job and is highlighted with three-color X-Press graphics.

According to Barry Gale Ford, Europe’s Chief Commercial Vehicle Engineer, “Transit Connect is such a strong and dynamic vehicle to start with that we knew this project would be feasible from the start. Certain transmission and suspension components are common with the first generation Ford Focus, so the transformation was relatively straightforward from an engineering point of view. We now have a unique commercial vehicle that performs like no other. If pressed, it is capable of a 0-60 mph time in less than 7 seconds and 130 mph top speed. As you would expect from a Ford, it handles, turns and stops like a sports car. “

The engineering team that developed the Transit Connect range encountered a challenge in how to install a high-performance, turbocharged, intercooled 215PS engine in a vehicle with only minimal changes required. Unfortunately, the X-Press asks for more and has pushed Ford engineers to develop the X-Press from scratch. But according to Gale, “It wasn’t really difficult. Once everyone understood what we were doing, everyone volunteered to help out in their spare time to make special parts or work on the vehicle. It became a true labor of love and just like us. “. Basically we are all crazy about cars, we are very satisfied with the final product. “

The X-Press also shows Ford’s strong commitment to developing vehicles that are not only high-performance, but offer a rewarding driving experience. This not only covers the passenger car segment, but also applies to other Ford vehicle lines.

One of the features that make the X-Press really stand out is its lower suspension which makes it look rougher and more elegant. The lower suspension also makes the X-Press or any car more stable, especially when turning, as it tends to drop the body of the vehicle closer to the center of gravity. Lowering springs are available, such as Eibach springs, which are applicable for 2-wheel drive cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, including various 4-wheel drive trucks that private car owners can use in their cars.

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