Ever since the value proposition became the number one contributor to business sales and growth, the importance of web design has become more and more important. Businesses can increase the value of their website by using any of the latest design trends.

The web design trends for 2018 are:

3d animation

With 3D animation, businesses can turn their site into a whole new world with realistic, constantly moving elements. This design trend easily captures the interest of users and makes them spend more time on a web page.


High-quality images don’t look amazing anymore, but vivid images would certainly do the trick. Imagine an interactive web design, then add some magic to a website through the movement of a series of elements on it.

A static image is not capable of conveying complex information in a visual format. Complexity has a tendency to develop sooner or later, and a still image only tells what’s inside, not how it’s used.


Those who specialize in design and content need to be aware of the wide range of motivations of a site’s target audience and guide accordingly. When a website tells a single story, this can increase user engagement. Therefore, in 2018 websites should include an interactive story related to your brand.

Flickering or vibrating colors are also noticeable in most website URLs. A color scheme could create a noticeable wow effect, such as ghostly afterimages that seem to linger on users’ eyes as they scroll down a page, and add more context to the story.

virtual reality video

The future is just around the corner and it starts with a virtual reality video. Content that showcases the benefits that products and services provide will enable businesses to gain the most customer engagement.

Mood for the interface

If a web design was able to understand you, predict your mood and know your desires, wouldn’t that be great? Businesses can allow their website to change colors as if it knows what users are thinking. It may be difficult, but it is possible.

For example, the colors on a website may change when the user scrolls down a web page.

user experience writing

To get started, ask a simple but crucial question like “What is the goal of your website?” Businesses shouldn’t be content to build a new website or redesign it just because everyone else is doing it. They have to determine the objectives of their website to achieve them.

In 2018, UX writing is the essence of web development. The textual content must be clear and direct to the point. UX writing can increase sales and save a lot of space on the web page.

When businesses follow simple, goal-oriented web design principles, users will go on a useful but seamless journey without realizing that they have reached their intended goal. It can mean converting you into a sales lead due to downloaded web content, or simply becoming a name to remember in future business relationships; That is why companies must be sure of their final objective, and let it serve as a guide in all their actions.

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