How to better understand this city? How to prepare for the Russian vacation? Our experience can help you explore and enjoy this wonderful city.

1. Find a map of Moscow. Unfortunately there is no tourist information, but you can easily enter one of the hotels in the center (it should be a 5 or 4 star hotel) and take a free tourist map with you.

2. Learn the alphabet before coming to Russia. This can help you navigate the metro and read Moscow street names. Even if you learn a few letters, you can more easily understand what is written. For example, “PECTORAH” doesn’t sound like / pectopah / but like / restoran / (means restaurant) because the Russian ‘P’ sounds / r / and the Russian ‘H’ sounds / n /.

3. Use the subway. It is a very convenient transportation and it does not cost much. The Moscow metro is probably the most beautiful metro in the world. The corridors are adorned with mosaics, statues, paintings. Take pictures of the fantastic Moscow metro stations!

4. Negotiate the price when taking a taxi. Don’t trust the driver if he talks about using a meter. There have been many meter scams showing astronomical prices. In Russia, locals often stop not only official taxis, but also private cars. This is very common as it is an easy way for drivers to earn extra money.

5. Use sign language while in Moscow. Many locals do not understand English and may be afraid to communicate with you. It is generally better to talk to younger people, as they are more likely to remember you. But sign language works in most cases!

6. Try to avoid dealing with the police. Don’t be surprised if a police officer asks you for a kidnapping.

7. Pay for a lady if you invite her to a restaurant (if you are a man). Russian women will consider it disrespectful if you suggest going to Dutch.

8. Enjoy the nightlife of Moscow. Life never seems to stop here. Many bars, clubs and restaurants are open 24 hours. It is not dangerous to walk through the center of Moscow at night.

9. Beware of pickpockets in public places. Keep your money, passport and camera in a safe place before entering the metro.

10. Go to the field. There are many noble estates and monasteries near Moscow. You can order a car or take a local train (Russian for “electrichka”). One of the best known cities near Moscow is Sergiev Posad, where like a fairy tale kingdom stands the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius.

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