Flying Monkeys

You found this article on a free online crossword search: Home to a flying monkey crosswords and solutions. Why are these so popular? Is it just me, or does someone else find them very helpful and exciting? Looking for home to a flying monkeys crosswords and solutions?

I searched for home to some flying monkeys crosswords and solutions on a regular basis. The results are always interesting. I’m always amazed at how frequently I come across a new clue or answer. Searching on public database searches I located 1 matching solution for the question posed in the article. Please check out the answer below and if its different from the one you’ve on your own crossword puzzle then please use search function to find not only what you’re looking for but also the closest and most accurate solution that’s available. I hope you will find the answer to your question about home to some flying monkeys very exciting.

Flying monkey delta 8

The answer to the question home to some flying monkeys crossedwords and solutions is actually quite simple. It’s all in the layout of the website. The website is designed by a very clever person, in fact the guy who designed the site himself did some programming for a good research project. He came up with a brilliant idea – to create search functions inside the website layout itself. These search functions can bring up all the possible answers to a given question and let’s us know instantly if we can’t get to the answer by ourselves by moving on to the next search result.

Where Are the Flying Monkeys?

This means that now when someone wants to know home to some flying monkeys, all they have to do is type in ‘home to some flying monkeys’ in the search box and hey presto there’s the answer right there in front of them. Now the question is how come the site itself hasn’t caught on yet? Well the problem was actually much more complicated than that. When the search function first came up on the site, it was hidden inside a hidden link underneath a post on’Answers’.

The’Answers’ link was in fact a deliberate distraction, aimed at making users curious about exactly what the search function could do. So that when people search for a particular word or term and hit the enter key, if the site had links to the search page itself, those links would appear right above the question or answer they were searching for. Clever idea though that worked brilliantly. But because the search function was hidden, no one who was searching would ever find it. Except the lucky few who found it by accident by clicking the link in the right place.

Thankfully, Monkey Town now has its own home on the internet, so visitors can see exactly where the flying monkeys are and where the nearest one is. And who knows, maybe in a few years time, Monkey Town will be as popular as Google, Yahoo or MSN. But for now the search function is still as popular as ever. And it is still a great source of fun.

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