There are so many people out there trying to push internet marketing as the easiest way for newbies to get instant wealth right now.

It seems to have gone into overdrive. Inboxes are flooded with offers from groups and courses from people using social networking sites to follow what these so-called gurus say they should be doing, spam!

The Internet is a great tool, but it is advertised as an ATM to make people rich. The truth of the matter is that it is possible to create wealth, but you should not fall for the exaggerated hype that is being spun to make other people rich.

I see even some of the bigger name gurus selling courses for over a thousand pounds, basically selling ideals without a solid plan to make money.

“Do what I do and you’ll get the same results as me” offers lure people in with cleverly thought out sales messages, all lined up in automated responses that attempt to portray a personal alliance between the gurus and the customer.

This is not the way beginners should learn to use the Internet. Like any learning experience, you need to learn the basics. If you get caught up in all the internet hype thinking you need to keep up, you’ll never get started.

Forget about SEO, Statistics, PPC, RSS, Keyword loading, A dsense, etc. the list is endless. Focus on selling something and use the internet as a tool to make it easier. Selling someone else’s recycled ebook is not the way to go. Trying to compete with people on the first page of Google using AdWords is not the way to go.

Learning how to find niche markets and how to create the products they want will get you on the right track one step at a time instead of listening to inflated promises of instant riches.

I want to get this message out. It is time that people start to realize that they will never get rich by following these impossible dreams.

Some gurus use emotional triggers to guide you into buying their inflated products. They say that to create true wealth, you need to have an expensive product. The average gentleman will never be able to have an expensive product. Can you imagine someone buying a thousand pound course in the knitting and sewing niche?

Sure you can create a great lifestyle in niche marketing, but nowadays, people have gotten caught up in the guru hype about million dollar pitches and think that taking their courses will produce the same results. it will not

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