Xbox 360 game controller encounters a couple of problems due to overheating. Some of them are the deadly ring of death, the E74 bug, the E84 bug, and then the E71 bug. One of them, the E71 error and how to get rid of it is what I am going to discuss in this article.

Actually, the E71 error and a couple of other errors are called red light errors only because they appear as flashing red lights around the power button. This red light is a DANGER indication for your console caused mainly, as I said above, by the console overheating. Due to the nature of gaming, it gets hot quite easily, so to avoid that, I advise you to provide a dedicated fan for your console, for cooling down, or place your console in a well-ventilated environment to avoid overheating.

Now to our main discussion, when this error occurs, how do you get rid of it or where can it be fixed? Simple enough! You no longer need to box up your console and send it to Microsoft (this seems to be the most popular solution). You have a better and cheaper option of where to fix your console. You have to realize that if you decide to stick with the first option, you will be faced with the cost of shipping to Microsoft, cost of repair; typically in the $200/$500 range, waiting five to six weeks before your console is repaired and returned and the risk of further damage to your console during the shipping process here and there.

With the second option to repair your console (which is obviously the cheapest, fastest, safest and much easier way to fix error E71 and other errors) is to get a detailed repair guide (including video tutorials, step-by-step instructions). He passed). guide on fixing many errors found by Xbox 360). With a detailed repair guide, it will contain the procedures you need to follow to fix the E71 error, repair instructions, step-by-step video tutorials, and 24-hour customer service ready for you and most importantly, you will be able to repair your console in less than an hour.

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