An Xbox 360 Live membership allows you to take advantage of all the content on the Xbox website, as well as your game console. Without a membership, you cannot buy from the Marketplace or chat with other players, and you cannot download free content that is offered to members.

Every Xbox system comes with a free Silver membership. You can activate this by connecting your Xbox to a broadband internet connection, going to the Xbox website, and downloading a software update. Follow the instructions that guide you through creating your free account and you are ready to explore all the options and choices you have with your Xbox 360 Live membership.

Once you have activated your membership, you can start your game and start chatting with friends and making new ones. Explore game add-ons and games on demand, download some arcade games, make your avatar on trend, try voice and text chat, and enjoy free game demos. That sounds a lot more fun than the old non-interactive game systems!

You may want to upgrade your membership to Gold for even more benefits. A Gold membership allows you, if you are a Netflix member, to access Netflix’s extensive library of movies and TV shows in real time right there on your game console. You can also video chat, share your photos, play with people from all over the world, invite your friends (both physical and virtual) to Xbox Live parties, and access exclusive content and downloads.

While a Silver membership gives you the basics that make your game more enjoyable, Gold gives you the full Xbox experience. An annual membership costs less than $ 50, or about $ 4.15 a month. You will spend more than that on a game magazine! Gold membership is also available on a monthly or quarterly basis, but yearly is the cheapest.

Activating your Xbox 360 Live Membership gives you access to some of the most intense gaming experiences available today, plus many extras and access to the global gaming community!

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