The world is now an unsafe place. Therefore, be ready to protect yourself from attackers. Many people believe that learning and practicing karate and martial arts are very good weapons for self-defense. It can be good and effective for women who have tall figures and sufficient physical strength.

However, it becomes a real challenge for a woman who is small, weak and skinny. Male attackers can take advantage of their physical height and easily defeat weak and skinny women. This is why both karate and martial arts are not very good options for all types of women, especially those who are petite and skinny. Therefore, we should think of some best alternatives that can be very useful and effective for all kinds of women.

To help women defend themselves against attackers, many effective self-defense weapons have been introduced to the market. However, all of these are not very effective and useful as well.

Below are some of these effective self defense weapons for women.

pepper spray bracelet

This is one of the most recommended weapons for women. Although it looks very small, it has an immediate effect on an attacker. The most advantageous part is its hidden nature. An adjustable silicone wristband cleverly conceals the toner cartridges. You can easily carry it while traveling and strolling and charge it 3-6 times. It can cover 3 feet around you.


A razor is a specific type of blade hidden within the body of a pen. He is very intelligent in his appearance. It has a working pen at one end and a narrow, sharp knife blade at the other end. You can easily protect yourself from an attacker.


A pistol is probably the best self defense tool ever created. Even a very weak woman can easily defend it from an attacker if she has a little training in using it.

self defense keychain

There are some amazing self defense keychains out there including a sharp knife to use for your need. The Wild Kat design is more popular than the others.

Stun Gun and Taser

Stun guns and stun guns can sometimes become very effective tools in defending an attacker. Although some people think that it is an effective non-lethal self-defense weapon for women, it is not enough to completely defeat the attacker. It can give you a boomerang effect if an attacker takes it from you. So it is safe when you can use it for your self defense purposes.

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