Christians around the world wholeheartedly celebrate the event of Christmas. There are a few days left for this event to take place but the shopping for this event has already started and people are decorating their homes and Christmas trees.

It is very important to know the background of this event and you will come to know why people exchange gifts on this occasion.

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus and this event is celebrated all over the world. Gift exchange is a special tradition that has a unique history and goes back further than Jesus. Gifts were used to celebrate the New Year in ancient Rome, and this tradition continues today.

According to the Bible, the three Wise Men came and distributed many gifts among the people. Since then, the exchange of gifts between loved ones has become a tradition at Christmas. The oldest Roman tradition and this one continue today.

That’s all about the historical background of the exchange of gifts at New Year and Christmas. The tradition of giving gifts by Santa Claus is also a very popular favorite incident for children. Santa Claus gives them precious gifts; gifts at Christmas event. This tradition started in the most ancient times when a person named Saint Nicholas started it.

Saint Nicholas was very famous for his courtesy with children. During the fourth century, the tradition of giving gifts for Christmas is attributed to him. The current modern concept of Santa Claus is considered to be based on the trend introduced by Saint Nicholas in the 4th century.

The tradition of giving Christmas gifts is linked to the history of the fourth century. The Nicolás learned of a family in which the father had three daughters and could not provide them with adequate food. Nicholas helped them with the gold and did not reveal his identity.

This story became too popular in the 10th century and the entire Christian community adopted it to give gifts for Christmas.

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